Go With The Flow: Door Swag into Pumpkin Painting

Sometimes the craft just doesn’t work out like you think it will. This was the case with my door swag project. I envisioned a lovely bow or bunch of fall leaves with pine cones interspersed. When I made the sample, I found that it was very challenging to attach the pine cones to the mass of ribbon and fake leaves, so instead they hung down like odd appendages. Sometimes, even when the sample doesn’t look that awesome, the teens are able to invent something really great. I thought this would be the case with the door swag. This was not the case with the door swag. People were not even sure what a door swag was, and they weren’t interested in making one. (I have to admit, I am still learning about the word “swag” as well. It might be more of a garland.) One of my dedicated crafters asked if she could have a surface to paint. Then, I remembered that we had a pile of pumpkins we were trying to get rid of, so I gave her one of those to paint. Soon there were many pumpkin painters. Glitter, burlap bows, and painted pine cones were some of the inventive additions to the pumpkins. I was so glad the pumpkins were being enjoyed and the crafters were having a good time. Sometimes it is best to follow the craft spirit wherever it goes, even if you end up painting pumpkins instead of making swag 🙂


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