Frosty Float Fantasticness

float 004

I wasn’t able to post for a while because we were all so busy making our float for the Frost Fest Parade. This town is pretty parade happy, so parade happy that we have one in the middle of winter. Thankfully, this winter has been mild, so float construction was not as murderous as usual (also, I was sick, so I wasn’t allowed to work outside much). The teens always get excited about the float and want to help. This year there were a lot of float activities that they were able to help with, which replaced our usual crafts. Since the float theme was “The Snowman Shuffle,” we decided to make wearable cards and a gigantic snowman. Our library mascot, Chilly the Penguin, was transformed into a magician who made the cards dance, and brought snowmen to life.

We dusted off an old overhead projector and traced images on to foam board to create the cards. The teens then selected colors and invented a paint-by-number key. The snowman was a more complex project involving chicken wire, which is very sharp and slightly evil. Chicken wire is not something for teens to work with, in my opinion. However, the teens did help glitter the snowman and paint his buttons. We were also very fortunate to have a teen who is a skilled seamstress make a snowman costume for us.  Notes: Do not glitter a snowman indoors. While glittering is met with great enthusiasm, it is actually a little challenging and helpers may abandon their posts once they realize this. Also, making a snowman costume is more challenging than you may first realize. The important thing is to maintain a sense of humor even though you keep poking your fingers, there are are people rolling in glitter on the floor, and someone keeps trying to punch your snowman’s head.


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