CD Scratch-Off

float 008I learned about this activity at a library conference. At the time, the presenter assured us that it was a hit with teens. So, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I coated the shiny side of each CD with two coats of black acrylic paint, and I scratched it with a screw and a needle. When the teens did the project, they seemed to really enjoy it, although it took less time than expected. I let them paint on discarded book boards, which is my backup painting project if things take less time than anticipated.


5 thoughts on “CD Scratch-Off

  1. What sorts of tools did you use? I’m trying to think of tools that are cheap/free, readily available, and that I’d trust my tweens and teens with for a program.

    • We used screws and needles or pins. The screws made a thicker line, and the needles created fine lines. You could also use nails or anything pointy and metal. We also tried pencils, but they made the shiny parts look dull. The group I had was very responsible with the screws and needles. I just told them to put their needles back in the pin cushion when they were done. Note: Needles are a little hard to hold, but maybe you could wrap them in masking tape.

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