Ugly Sweaters

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This was a hit. Here are some of the materials we used: old pieces of sparkly garland, old decorations, extra X-mas crafts, sweaters and skirts from a thrift store, sweatshirts from Wal-Mart, hot glue, glitter glue, felt, sweater/fabric scraps, buttons, beads, a sewing kit, and card stock. Basically, we just had a lot of stuff out. The sweaters are not meant to be washed. I started out with only eight sweaters and five sweatshirts, and then I realized we needed more. For some reason we had some skirts in the back, which turned into Christmas capes. I would recommend that you get an insane amount of sweaters for this project because I had three times as many people than expected. Near the end, folks were using these odd sweater scraps left over from some other project. You may be wondering what the card stock was used for… I created a few stencils for people to trace, but instead they just glued the stencils to their sweaters. It was a timely craft because the very next day was ugly sweater day at school. I highly recommend this activity!


3 thoughts on “Ugly Sweaters

  1. what a brilliant activity idea! i only wish i heard about it sooner. now i’ll have to remember it for next year-even the boys will love it!

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