Weird Party



The end of a school semester can be stressful. We’ve been wanting to do a stress relief “thing” for finals week for some time now. It has been hard to get off the ground. However, having a party is easy. We just wanted to have a fun party that required the kids to just relax and accept that we were going to be weird. We billed it as stress relief after a tough semester. We promised food, games, and prizes. And that was it.

Read more to get an idea of our games and prizes:


3:30 – Light Snacks – We had crackers, cheese, meats, cookies, and small juices

3:45 – Hot Sauce Taste Test – Try a bit of hot sauce on a cracker and vote. All those who participate are entered for random drawing of HOT SAUCE GIFT BAG!

4:05 – Pick Up – This was a last minute addition and not a great idea. Basically, teens stand in a circle with arms interlocked facing away from the inside of the circle. They then must get a prize from the middle without unlocking arms. Winner wins Bacon Soap and Bacon Toothpaste

4:30 – Whipped Cream Gummy Worm Game – Teens just try to remove gummy worms from a pie tin filled with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cocoa crispies. Winner wins WORLD’S LARGEST GUMMY WORM

4:45 – Freeze Dance – This one was great fun. The teens had to dance. When the music stopped they stopped. If they didn’t then they were out. Winner wins ALL OF TAYLOR SWIFT’S ALBUMS (or most of them)

5:15 – SANDWICHES!!!! – Pretty simple. We just got a bunch of cheap deli sandwiches from Walmart. The teens really loved these.

We also gave all the teens who came little Finger Tentacles and Finger Hands.

It was a great time. The teens enjoyed themselves and it seemed to accomplish its goal of just being a fun party to help relieve stress.


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