Monograms and Iron-On Letters

Sometimes I fantasize about monogrammed pillowcases and towels. Aren’t those the type of things millionaires use to decorate their mansions? When I  made the sample project using embroidery floss, I realized that it was sorta challenging, so I opened the craft up to other materials. Here are some of the materials I put out: pillow covers (these are cheaper than pillowcases), white t-shirts, alphabet stencils, fabric markers, iron-on letters (hot pink, black, green, and glittery), and manilla folders to keep the markers from bleeding through. I still had the embroidery floss out, but it was not used. Instead of just writing their initials, most people wanted to decorate the entire pillowcase, which was fine with me. There were even matching pillowcases and t-shirts. Notes: Iron-on letters are a bit tricky. Our biggest problem was having the wrong side up, so always make sure you put a cloth over the item you are ironing. Nothing like sticky stuff on your iron to ruin your day. Also, make sure your iron is on the correct fabric setting to avoid making odd fabric puckers (although, one of our teens really liked that effect).

It was a successful project for everyone, but it was especially fun to see what the boys came up with 🙂


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