Vinyl Record Clocks

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We had a lot of clock parts and we had a lot of records… so we put them together. This program was more popular than I anticipated. I found myself digging for more clock part packages and looking in the closet for records. Also, there is a bit of prep time with this project. You will realize that the spindle hole in the record is just a little too small for the clock shaft. I did not have a drill, so I had a teen help me sand each hole until it was large enough for the shaft. To do this, you can roll medium grit sand paper into a small tube and sand the spindle hole.

The clock parts may look a little daunting, but most kits come with directions. I printed out directions for everyone, and they were pretty good at putting the clocks together. You may want to use needle nose pliers to tighten the hex nut. If the hex nut is loose, the minute hand will run into the hour hand. If this seems confusing, don’t worry, it will make more sense when you have all the parts in front of you. Here are some of the materials we had out for decorating the clocks: hot glue, glitter glue, scrapbook embellishments, buttons, and beads. There were also some numbers that came with the clock kits. I spent a little time painting black clock hands with white nail polish, so that they would show up against the black records. Don’t forget, you will need AA batteries to make the clocks run. There is nothing quite as satisfying as putting together your very own working clock!


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