Soap Clouds and Fairy Mud


Soap clouds are fun! And if you have some extra time (which is likely), you can also make fairy mud. All you need is ivory soap, paper plates, and a microwave. (Add food coloring, glitter, plastic bags, and toilet paper for the fairy mud.) If you are going to make soap clouds, make sure that you use new ivory soap. It is important that it is new because old soap gets dehydrated and will only break and burn in the microwave. We read somewhere that it is impossible to cook soap too long. This is not true! Burned soap makes the worst smell. It is important that it be the least fragrant option because microwaving soap magnifies the fragrances. We ended up opening the windows and turning on the fan (and we had the “original” scent). It is important that it be Ivory soap because there is air and water mixed with the soap molecules, and they act up when heated. It takes about 40 seconds for half a bar to puff up. The texture is fascinating. You think it is going to be like cotton, but it is brittle instead. Fairy mud includes all of the additional ingredients I mentioned mashed together in a bag. It was great for everyone!

(Note: Schedule extra time for cleanup. This project is messy. Expect soap flakes to migrate. Also, don’t eat the soap.)

Here is the site we referred to:


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