Booktalks with GIFs

Trying something different here, again. 🙂

We had an 8th grader tell us our booktalks were boring. He was honest and gave us tips of what he’d like to see.
Boring me Back to Death

Today, I went to one of our local high schools and shared some booktalks with GIFs. The powerpoint was fun to put together and the classes seemed to enjoy themselves. You can download the powerpoint there-> (Giftalks).

By the way, you need to actually run the powerpoint to see the GIFs in action.


4 thoughts on “Booktalks with GIFs

  1. You may have just saved me! I’ve got a visit to 6th and 7th grade classes next month and was trying to think of what I could do that would be **different** so they would remember me. This might do the trick!

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  3. I just want you to know, I added GIFs to my entire Summer Reading presentation that I gave to over 1000 students and they LOVED IT! I have seen so many teens in the library asking me for the books I talked about and I think making it fun with the GIFs really helped! BRAVO!

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