Fairy Dust

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Fairy dust was a craft that everyone enjoyed. The bottles had been donated, so they didn’t come with corks. I carved the fairy dust corks out of synthetic wine corks using a utility knife. In addition, I made some paper funnels out of scratch paper, and I also provided spoons to help everyone get the sand into their bottles.

At first I thought this craft might not be appealing to guys, but they loved it. I told the guys they could label their bottles “Ghoul Powder,” but they tended to leave the bottles unlabeled. I wondered about the teens trying to use fairy dust on one another, but I soon realized that was silly. Everyone was invested in the process of creating multicolored sand by mixing drops of food coloring with small portions of sand in Ziploc bags.

For extra texture variety, I had some chunky white glitter out and crushed shells. When the bottles were filled, there were colorful labels to attach with Tacky Glue.  Note: It would be a good idea to schedule extra time for cleanup, as this project is very messy. Here is the inspiration for our project (although we did not sure candles, wax, or ink):



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