Book Planters

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Book planters are a fun way to combine reading and a love of plants. For our activity, I precut the book holes using a matt knife. Even though there are a lot of pictures of book planters online, I wasn’t sure that books would actually retain water, so I ordered some air plants. Air plants can be taken out of their environment for a ten minute soaking, or they can be watered with a spray bottle. After they lined the holes with wax paper and white glue, the teens had a fun time decorating the open books and selecting shells, rocks, and sand for their plant environments. Here are some of the materials I had out: old notes, maps, lace, shells, rocks, sand, pieces of wood, and hard coat Mod Podge. They coated the entire collage with hard coat Mod Podge in order to protect it from water. Hopefully, they will learn a little about plants with their new air plant friends.


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