Fairy Houses & Fairy Town

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Summer programming is sometimes challenging. While planning for the summer, you may be wondering: When is the best time to schedule programs? How many people will come?

Fairy houses was a last minute idea for the first day of my Gardening Club. I scheduled the first day at the library (instead of at the Agricultural Research Center) to give people time to get their waivers signed. When I have all of the waivers, we take the van to the Agricultural Research Center.

The program was scheduled for 10am on a Wednesday; and in the afternoon, the same group created Fairy Town, which was really pretty cool. There was a Fairy-Mart, a Fairiott, a bookstore/coffee shop, a park, and houses for everyone. I was the mayor, which made me feel pretty special. If you want to make fairy houses, here is a list of materials: TP rolls, felt, shells, fake leaves and flowers, hot glue, rocks, glass pebbles, and markers. If you are planning a gardening activity, I would aim for the morning to avoid the heat (if it gets hot where you live). Most of our other activities are at 2pm.


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