Pringles Can Vases

During our summer reading program, we like to encourage teens to plan their own activities. The Pringles Can Vase craft was one of these activities, created and run by one of our teens. He found the idea on Pintrest, we purchased the materials, and assisted during the activity.

If you are planning on doing this craft, there are two methods: one of them involves hot glue and paint, and the other one involves spray adhesive and grout. If you want an easier project, you can paint the Pringles can with acrylic paint (wait for it to dry) and use hot glue to adhere shells, pebbles, and beads.

If you want to experiment with grout, you can take the group outside and use spray adhesive to adhere items. I recommend following the instructions on the grout bag and wearing latex gloves while grouting. People might want to leave their projects overnight to dry. Once the grout is dry, they can buff their stones.

For both methods, you can coat the interior of the can with spray rubber to make it waterproof. That stuff takes a long time to dry, so you might want to spray vases the day before the activity. Leaving extra time for the completion of this project and cleanup is a good idea.

It is a fun project, and it helps people learn about mosaics and using grout. It is helpful if someone on staff is familiar with using grout. Here is the post that inspired the activity:




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