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This idea came from Jennifer King, who works at the Great Bend Public Library. Our teens were so excited that they arrived almost an hour before the activity was scheduled to start. I told them they could make sketches and plan what sorts of creatures they wanted to create. The activity is very cheap and relatively simple, but it is pretty messy, so plan for extra time to clean up. All of our stuffed animals were donated by the Community Assistance Center (a local thrift store). We also used hot glue and sewing supplies (needle, thread, buttons).

If you are feeling adventurous, you can use plastic toys, and cut them apart for the teens with a serrated knife. However, the activity is fine without getting into the realm of plastic toys. The animal’s appendages can usually be hot glued to the chosen body, but there are times when sewing is more effective. Let’s face it there is something oddly satisfying about cutting up stuffed animals to create your very own frankentoy!


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