DIY Snakes for World Snake Day!

July 16th is World Snake Day! I was not aware of this until I received a donation of small snakes made from pipe cleaners. I thought they would make great gifts for people who checked out items. What better day to hand out snakes than World Snake Day.

Coincidentally, we were having Knit and Nosh on that day and in need of a project. Making snakes is pretty simple if you have a sewing machine. We bought our sewing machine last year and it has been a great success. We also have a large supply of donated upholstery samples, and a few bags of Poly-Fil left over from making snowmans at Christmas, so we didn’t need to buy anything new for this project.

The snake makers chose their fabrics, and I ran the sewing machine. The first step for sewing was to connect all of the fabrics. Then I made a long inside-out tube tapered at one end (the tail) and open at the other end (the head). Tongues were made from ribbons, and eyes were buttons. The teens flipped the snakes right-side-out, stuffed them, and sewed the mouths shut. We had snakes of all shapes and sizes. What Fun!


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