Rock Cacti

Rock Cacti was great fun! Here are some of the materials we used: smooth rocks, very small clay pots, acrylic painting materials, colored shell pieces, colored glass pieces, sponge pieces, and hot glue. It is a good idea to paint the rocks first because they can dry while you are painting the pot. When the rocks are dry, you can add the spines by painting three strokes with a skinny brush. The hot glue will hold the rocks in place, and you can add shell or glass pieces as “dirt” around the cacti. Make sure the rocks are dry before using hot glue because it will not adhere to wet items. I gave everyone sponge pieces for creating texture with the paint, but most people used brushes. In case you were wondering, the plural of cactus is “cactuses,” “cacti,” and occasionally “cactus” is used as well. I chose “cacti” because it seemed more horticultural. Here is a link that explains it:



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