Crayon Rocks

Making crayon rocks is pretty easy, and they look so cool. First, you need to heat up the rocks using an oven or crock-pot. If you use an oven, it is recommended by this site that you cook the rocks at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. If you use a crock-pot (like we did), you can put the rocks in water and let them heat up for a couple of hours. Make sure that you use potholders when handling the hot rocks. Once you have your rocks nice and hot, you can draw on them with crayons and watch the awesome designs spread. You may want to cover the work surfaces with newspaper because wax doesn’t come off easily. In addition, you may want to call it “Awesome Rocks,” if you are doing a teen program. I am starting to think the word “crayon” is unappealing to teens. It may remind them of crafts for small children at a time when they are really wanting to be more mature.

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