“Nevermore” Murder Mystery

Every Halloween we put on a murder mystery dinner. This year, we were fortunate enough to have a teen who wanted to help write the script. I added a few tidbits from Shakespeare and Poe, but the script was mostly her creation. Costumes were donated from a local thrift store, and with the help of a teen “costumer,” we made costume bags for each character. I also created name tag stickers for each character.

We try to keep the menu simple to prepare. This year, we had three courses: soup, roast chicken and mashed potatoes, and apple pie a la mode. In between each course, we voted on who we thought committed the murder, tallied the votes, and announced the results. Here is a link to our script; feel free to use it. I recommend serving salad instead of soup. Salad is mentioned in the script, and the teens may prefer salad. We had a couple of participants who had a hard time reading. One of them just ate, voted, and had a good time. I whispered the lines to the other teen, and then he said them out loud. We had great fun with different character voices 🙂


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