Carving Pumpkins That We Grew!

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I know it is November, but here are some photos of our pumpkin carving/painting activity. The pumpkins came out our pumpkin patch, which we grow with the help of the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center. I found this stencil booklet with some of the carving tools. It was pretty fun, but it took some patience. If you plan on using stencils, you need to have large pumpkins, and it would be a good idea for the teens to partner up.

The carving tools that you get at the store are great because they are so safe. However, if you have teens who are sorta strong, they might break the carving tools, so make sure you have backup tools. If you have younger teens who aren’t really into carving their pumpkins, they can paint with acrylics. We did have someone who was allergic to pumpkin slime, so it was good that we had the painting option. The teens didn’t have school the day we carved pumpkins, which was good because they could spend plenty of time carving (and we could spend plenty of time cleaning up). We also handed out little LED pumpkin lights and baggies of seeds for people to roast at home.


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