Snow Fairy Crowns

We had fun with Snow Fairy Crowns, but they DO involve glitter. Here are two glitter rules we created: 1. Keep glitter colors separate. 2.Keep your glitter to yourself. Here is a link to the site that inspired us. For some reason micro glitter is very exciting, it was almost more exciting than making the crowns… which meant that not everyone completed their crowns, but they had fun sticking their fingers in the glitter. It is also a relatively simple craft, and the folks who did finish their crowns very pleased and had fun acting like winter royalty. We didn’t have a Silpat or parchment paper like the site recommended, but the wax-coated  heat-resistant sheets from our old-fashioned laminator worked well. In retrospect, it might have been the connection to the movie Frozen that made everyone so silly, or it could have been the coming winter break. Whatever the case, this craft inspired crazy goofiness, so be prepared. 🙂


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