Weird Party II

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Last year we had our first Weird Party, and it was fantastic. Naturally, we had another one this year. I always see it as a non-religious holiday party, which meets our goal to be as inclusive as possible. It can also be thought of as a stress relief party because laughing is a great stress reliever. This year, the party took place on Addie’s last day. Addie has been a great part of our team, but she is going off to finish her degree. She is also the mastermind responsible for putting together these party games: Jell-O Slurp, Cheetos Toss, Peanut Butter Ping Pong, and Q-Tip War. We played each game with two teams, instead of partners as some of the links suggest. There was team penguin (lead by Scott) and team koala (lead by Addie). In addition, we had a table full bread covered with peanut butter, not just one slice.

Since it was a Weird Party, the food was also weird. During the weird food taste test, participants were encouraged to taste three items and vote for one. They didn’t have to finish the food, but they could get more after everyone had voted. Here is a list of the snacks we made: potato chip cookies, pickles with peanut butter (remember to check for food allergies), spicy pancakes, and Cheez-its with Nutella. The Cheez-its with Nutella won, but spicy pancakes were second. We also had meat and cheese platters and pizza, and koala and penguin-themed prizes were distributed at the end of the party. It was epic!


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