Fama Club

You probably haven’t heard of Fama Club before. I would be surprised if you had because it is a word I invented to define a unique blend of Film and Drama Club. “Drama Club” seemed too blah, and “Film Club” seemed too fancy. For Fama Club, we do a variety of drama games including charades, pop-up book, and killer handshake. After the games, we focus on a larger project like making a movie or maybe a commercial for summer reading.

The group of teens we have is great at coming up with ideas, they just need a little help finding focus and bringing their ideas into fruition. So far, we have used an extra large pad of paper to brainstorm and start working on our plot. There is one individual who has a vision about what the movie will be about. He was going to help write the script, but since he was the only one working on it, we decided to just improvise for each scene instead of working from a script. Here are some of the places we found awesome games:


pop-up book

killer wink, (or killer handshake: the killer taps the victim’s wrist)


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