DIY Pillows

DIY Pillows was pretty awesome. We used donated upholstery samples, but next time we promised that we would buy camouflage fabric and some pink camouflage as well.  I turned the fabric inside-out and sewed the pillows on our trusty sewing machine until there was only a 4 inch gap left. After the teens turned the fabric right-side out and stuffed the pillows, I sewed them shut on the machine (after mashing the Poly-Fil out of the way). It’s a good idea to have more than one person helping with the program. While I ran the machine, Scott helped newcomers get situated and made sure that folks were staying focused.

There was a a small line of people waiting to have their pillows sewn, so it might be a good idea to have another activity to keep everyone busy while they wait. Maybe they could create drawings of their rooms and demonstrate how their pillows will work with the decor, or draw their dream houses. One teen recommended that we also paint the pillows, which would be interesting on fabrics without a pattern. It was a very popular program; people love pillows, no matter what shape they turn out to be. People also enjoyed watching the machine work and understanding how it brings the thread though the fabric.



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