Trash’n Show Fashion Show Prep

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Every other spring we alternate between having a fashion show or a talent show. This spring we decided to have a Trash’n Show. The teens have been busy creating fashions using reused and recycled items. Here is a list of some of the materials we have on hand: large aerial maps (donated when city offices moved), packaging peanuts, packing paper, bubble wrap, fabric scraps (donated by the local thrift store), t-shirts, tulle, peacock feathers, paintable masquerade masks, hot glue, fashion magazines, and acrylic paint.

We included some items like the masks and feathers to help give the teens a place to start their journey in fashion construction. In addition, I felt that a masquerade theme would give us all a little direction and focus. I have learned that masks are extremely popular, regardless of their quality. Some masks were thick plastic molded into pleasing and imaginative shapes. These were painted because they had a more porous surface while others were thinner plastic and definitely needed some aesthetic assistance. The thinner masks had a layer of paper hot glued onto them, so that they could be painted more easily.

As you may imagine, making great clothing out of this variety of items takes a little imagination. Here are some simple steps for making a dress:

trash n show prep 0011. Start by cutting the arms and neckline off a t-shirt.

2. Rip your paper (in this case aerial maps) into long strips.

3. Hot glue your strips onto your shirt front in a pleasing pattern. You can also add paper loops on the shoulders like I did.

4. Add a skirt of additional fabric using hot glue. You can experiment with pleats as you attach your skirt material.

5. Decorate your skirt with more paper strips.

trash n show prep 002


There are also some easy ways to create skirts. You can make a skirt using accordion folded images from a fashion magazine.The accordions in this skirt were hot glued at one end to create fans. Then the fans were hot glued to a skirt which had been donated by a thrift store. It looks great when you twirl!

trash n show prep 003


You can also create this skirt by stapling rolled paper tubes to a thick ribbon. Of course, you need shorts, tights, or leggings to go with this skirt.



As for costumes for the guys, I had thoughts about covering vests or jackets in paper or other materials, but they requested tunics or invented their own unique outfits.

There was a lot of enthusiasm about making outfits for the Trash’n Show. It is a great way to get everyone involved and thinking about ways to be creative with items we might otherwise discard.


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