Drawing Club

This spring we started alternating our Monday activities between Drawing Club, Fama Club (film and drama), and Comic-Mon (like Comic-Con, but smaller and held on Mondays). We had a lot of fun ideas for Drawing Club which included exploring calligraphy, charcoal, Spirographs, 3-D Doodlers, pastels, graphite, and tracing paper. We also thought we could offer fake fruit for people to draw or get mirrors so they could draw self-portraits.

So far, we have had a not-so-successful pastel day, a great calligraphy day, and the Spirographs are a hit. Charcoal and graphite were also very interesting mediums to explore. However, the fake fruit has not been entirely successful so far, mostly people ask if they can eat it instead of trying to draw it. In addition, we have not yet mastered the 3-D Doodler, I will let you know when we have. We decided not to buy the mirrors for self portraits, but if you do, let me know how it goes. Overall, it has been fun adventuring with the Drawing Club participants. It is a time  and place for the teens to kick back, relax, and draw whatever they want. Here is a link to the post that inspired us:

Open Drawing Session at MPPL



2 thoughts on “Drawing Club

  1. I really like this idea! And one of our new librarians is an excellent artist, it would be fun to have a doodler like me and someone more skilled hosting an event like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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